Qi Moonlight - Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser for Meditation and Sleep

Qi Moonlight - Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser for Meditation and Sleep

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Product Overview

Qi Moonlight is the perfect diffuser for your bedroom when it comes to getting to sleep or focusing in on that important task of the day.

Inspired by our moon, Qi Moonlight is designed for the inner-romantics in all of us. It reminds us of the natural world we all belong to.

There's a simple on/off switch, with auto-shut down capabilities for when the diffuser runs out of water. Using ultrasonic diffuser technology, the cooling micro-mist generated is the best way to diffuse and inhale natural essential oils. It requires minimal maintenance, and helps deliver a healthier and happier home. 

With just a few drops of essential oils you can humidify and diffuse the aromas around your room, it's suitable for a space up to 10m2. You can always add more drops of essential oils for a more concentrated scent experience, however we always suggest you start small and work your way up. The total run time is about 3 hours on a full water tank.

It's USB-powered, which means you can plug it into any computer or any standard USB power plug. Since this is low power, you know it's safe for use around the home.

There are two models to pick from: warm light and white light, pick the warm light if your goal is to sleep better and relax more, pick the white light if your goal is to become more mindful and focussed.

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    Technical Specifications

    1. Power Input: AC100-240V 50/60 Hz
    2. Power Output: Output USB DC: 5V 0.4A
    3. Power Consumption: Max 2W
    4. Water Capacity: 150ml
    5. Mist Output: 30ml/h
    6. Package Dimensions: 14.5cm x 14.5cm x 5.4cm
    7. Accessories: USB Cable, User manual

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