About Us

What is DiscoverQi?

We are an Australian-owned, online business that delivers high-quality ultrasonic oil diffusers and organic essential oil blends that allow you to control your environment. We ship our products anywhere in Australia and have a local Australian team to answer any questions or concerns you might have.

Our mission is to deliver exceptional products that augment the human experience within our indoor environments whilst minimising our footprint on the outdoor environments around us. You can read about Our Mission here.

Through the use of our cool mist, ultrasonic oil diffusers, people can experience the mood-enhancing effects of essential oils. Our diffuser is designed to last with an industry-leading 2-year warranty (ask yourself, when was the last time you bought an electronic device with more than one year warranty?). Meanwhile the natural humidifying properties of our cool mist can alleviate symptoms for cold and respiratory illness sufferers. Finally, our auto shut-off and aurora array features make it the perfect night light for going to bed.

Our in-house oil alchemists have curated our unique range of essential oil blends that are 100% pure and Australian Certified Organic plant extract. Our range of blends cover a whole array of moods including: uplifting, balancing, relaxing and romantic moods.

Finally, for every purchase made on this website, we will grow a tree in Indonesia to help fight the deforestation crisis that is destroying the homes of countless endangered species and contributing to man-made climate change.

Qi-whhaaattt? How do I say that?

The word “Qi” is pronounced “chee”, kind of like the beginning of “cheese”. But as much as we love a cheese platter and some good wine on a Friday evening, “qi” means something quite different.

Qi is a Chinese symbol, that has many different meanings because of the nature of the Chinese language which has been derived from images. If you’re familiar with Eastern remedial medicine, you may have words like “chi energy” or “qigong - the breathing exercise”. They are all in fact derived from the same character for “qi”.

Here are some of qi’s many meanings:

  • Life’s Vital Energy - In Chinese medicine, Qi refers to life’s vital energy, kind of like our consciousness or our spirit.

  • To Express Emotion - Qi can be the verb for getting angry or enraged.

  • To Breathe/ Air - Qi is both the act of breathing and the word for things like air, gas and aroma.

  • Ambiance/ Environment - Qi is the quality of the indoor space and the feeling it imparts on its occupants.