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discoverQi - indonesian forest deforestation

Our mission is to deliver exceptional products that augment the human experience within our indoor environments whilst minimising our footprint on the outdoor environments around us.

Everything we do at discoverQi is driven by our fundamental belief that there is a sustainable solution to any design problem and that this solution is found at the intersection between people, the planet and profit. In other words, we are creating an organisation that profitably serves the people without compromising the needs of the planet.

1. Planet - Environmental Stewardship

It starts with the planet. There's a saying that he who plants a tree, plants a hope. For millennia, we have adapted to the world around us and relied on Mother Nature to provide for us. But as man-made climate change accelerates we can't sit idle and watch our world turn to dust.

That's why we're taking a stand. We're partnering with the global organisation SeedTheChange, and as the name suggests with every purchase you make, we will  grow a tree to help salvage our ravaged landscapes (read more here). As these living beings breathe they will re-absorb carbon emissions into the earth as nutrients. These nutrients will go on to nourish ecosystems and homes for endangered species and communities around the world.

Furthermore, whenever possible we source Australian Certified Organic essential oils to ensure our products are produced in the most sustainable and ethical way possible. In addition to that,

2. People - Social Equality

Today, we spend 90% of our time indoors. Information technology has connected us in so many ways and brought so many benefits to our lives but it's harder and harder to disconnect. The result is that we spend countless hours stuck on our phones, ads fight for our eyeballs and likes and we're more distracted and stressed out than ever. We often feel guilty and struggle to find time for ourselves.

That's why our products are about finding time for you. Our moods are handpicked to create personal experiences, whether that means relaxing whilst reading a book, focusing on mindfulness during meditation or maybe having some alone time with your partners. Using our cool-mist oil diffuser means you can maximise the use of your oils and thus the time you give back to yourself.

3. Profit - Economic Prosperity

To achieve our mission, we need scale. To scale, we need profit to re-invest and fuel this growth.

That is why we are a for-profit business. We believe that profit and growth is a means to an end, not an end itself. Put simply, we exist to deliver value to our customers, the people and the planet.

Moreover, we want to show to the world that it is possible for a business to put the people and the planet first whilst making a profit. This is at the core of what we truly believe.

discoverQi - Triple Bottom Sustainability


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