Essential Oil Diffusers - The Natural Way to Freshen Your Home

Whether it's the pets, unsavoury smells from the bathroom, or the stuffiness that comes in winter from keeping the house closed up, essential oils are the perfect way to freshen up your home. 

While air fresheners may seem like a cheap and convenient way to rid your house of odours, they also come with a long list of ingredients that are better kept out of your home.

natural and safe diffusers vs artificial and toxic air fresheners

Here are just a few of the endless reasons why you should ditch the aerosol cans in favour of using natural oils today.

1. Essential oils have added health benefits

Essential oils can help you and your family to improve your overall health and wellbeing. Many natural oils can help you to breathe easier, study harder, or relax and get a good night’s sleep. Just put a little oil in a diffuser or humidifier and you’ll be feeling better in no time. Try doing that with an aerosol freshener!

2. Canned air fresheners can be dangerous

If you look on the back of artificial air fresheners you’ll see a warning label for the flammable gas inside. The toxic ingredients in air fresheners can poison curious kids who inhale them or try to taste them and the aerosol cans can explode if they overheat.

3. Natural oils are better for the environment

Whenever you use a can of air freshener, you’re damaging the environment as well as your health. Not only are you releasing harmful hydrocarbons into the atmosphere, you also end up with an empty can you need to throw away. See how that relates to Our Mission

4. A little goes a long way

When it comes to essential oils, you get what you pay for; you only need a small amount of a pure, high-quality oil to freshen up your home. Just 12 ml of oil in a diffuser or humidifier can last for 200 hours! Natural oils will help you to save on those endless cans of air fresheners.

5. Natural oils smell great!

We could go on forever about the benefits of essential oils, but why don’t you grab yourself a diffuser and some natural oils from Discover QI and see for yourself?


natural essential oil diffuser

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