Discover Qi Tree Planting Program - One Oil. One Tree.

At Discover Qi we're proud to be partners with Seed The Change and doing our part to make the world a better place. One Oil. One Tree!

this is what deforestation looks like

Deforestation is the leading cause of climate change.

If we want to protect the future of our planet, and our own health, tree planting has to be a part of the plan.

We're committed to rebuilding and restoring the environment by planting one tree with every product sold online.

The world loses millions of acres of trees due to deforestation every year. In just a year, one tree has the ability to produce 120 kilograms of oxygen and absorb as much carbon as a car produces driving 41,000 kms.

Every Discover Qi essential oil or diffuser product you buy from us will plant one tree, allowing you to personally impact the live of those less fortunate:

  • Improve drinking water quality
  • Provide meaningful work
  • Restore independence in villages
  • Increase crop yields
  • Improve the local standard of living
  • Increase biodiversity
  • Reduce Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere & fight climate change

By planting trees and ensuring that all our essential oils and diffusers are produced responsibly we allow each and every customer to make a difference. Your purchasing decisions will improve the environment inside your home and out!

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official partner seed the change - one oil. one bottle

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