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I love the effect that Focus has on my class. The scent is always the first thing new students notice!

Melanie H ★★★★★

When Jake's asthma started to flare up, I could no longer use my scented candles. Breathe by Qi has really saved the day!

Emily T ★★★★★

Honestly, Sanctuary is my special place. My ideal Friday evening is a hot bath, a few drops of Qi and a glass of red!

Jennifer H ★★★★★

Why Shop with Qi?


The Perfect Diffuser

Our cool mist, Qi Aura oil diffuser lets you take control of your environment. That means less time worrying about burning the house down and more time spent on you. Just add a few drops, turn the diffuser on, and you’ll get hours of consistent and gentle delight.


Quality You Can Trust

All of our hand-crafted, unique essential oil blends are Australian Certified Organic. They meet the most stringent of sustainable and ethical production certifications. Our Qi Aura oil diffuser is designed to last with an industry leading 2 year warranty!


Seed the Change

For every purchase you make on discoverQi, we will grow a tree in Indonesia’s deforested and ravaged landscape. Help us seed the change, re-invigorate ecosystems and fight climate change!

A Few Drops. Hours of Delight.

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100% Guilt Free, Peace of Mind Quality

Let's Rebuild Their Homes

80% of the world's forests lay in ruins, and every 2 seconds man destroys an entire forest the size a foot ball field. There is a better way than business than usual. Click here to learn about our mission and find out how you can help too!

Help Us Fight Deforestation

Unsustainable deforestation is destroying the natural home of many of the world's endangered species, crushing local livelihoods and accelerating man-made climate change. Help us fight this, click here to find out how!

Prevent Mass Extinction

80% of the world's documented species live in tropical rainforests. When we farm unsustainably, wildlife is deprived of habitat and more vulnerable to hunting. Help us seed the change, click here to find out how!

Our Partners

We've built our business on reliable and sustainable infrastructure to ensure that we deliver on our promise of quality diffusers and organic essential oils to our customers.

Nature and Nurture

Finally, now you have a reason to treat yourself and make a real difference at the same time! With our hand-crafted, unique essential oil blends and quality oil diffusers, you can take control of your environment and help us fight for the planet as well! Get started today.

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